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BottomLine Pros can keep your company’s finances on the right track.  No false claims; just better rates…period!

Check Processing for Easier Retail Transactions

Don’t wait to get your check processed! At Bottom Line Pros we improve your business transactions to a much easier retail transaction! With a full range of merchant services to help you do business. We streamline your checking processing. From check processing to recurring payments, guaranteed funds and check verification we can do it all at Bottom Line Pros!

Check Processing

Here at Bottom Line Pros we process through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and comply with Check 21. Making every check processing as brisk as possible. Not only do we offer ACH but also Tele-Debit if you want. Our check conversions are guaranteed. Offering remote depositing with two-day funding available

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is the foundation of our product offering. All our merchants accept Visa™, MasterCard™, Discover™, and American Express™ credit and debit cards in addition to providing integrated solutions. We don’t have any bundled or hidden fees and there are no daily fees deducted from your deposit. Making us your reliable choices for all your credit cards!

Internet Payment Acceptance, Gateways, e-Shopping Carts

We have the access to accept Integrated gateways! With very competitive rates and no downgrade fees you can have it too. This service is PCI compliant. If you’re unsure what PCI is go to our “PCI COMPLIANCES” to learn more. With features such as face-to-face retail, telephone ordering, e-payments and recurring payment options are offered. This gateway will also process credit cards, checks, and gift cards and customer activated Internet payments. Giving you the upper hand in any business transaction.You’ll be ready for any type of ordering and payment for your business! You can also receive merchant level account management and personalized logo capabilities. Boosting your business to the next level.

Gift and Loyalty Card Programs

Everyone loves gift cards! At Bottom Line Pros we allow you incorporate your own design and logo on your gift card option. Gift card are becoming more common for occasion such as birthdays, parties, and holidays. When you build your gift card it helps build customer loyalty, traffic, and sales which will provide additional marketing exposure and advertisement. You can also design your own loyalty and rewards package. A unique speciality that gives your business an edge.

Providing BottomLine Results

POS Systems

Rely on us for the latest in point-of-sale software and gateways. Integration with POS systems is available.

Recurring ACH and Debit Programs

Reduce delinquent collections and increase monthly revenue with automatic debit of customers’ payment. This service is initiated automatically and provides detailed, 24-hour online reporting of all activity. No software or terminal purchases are required for this service.

Remote and Wireless Equipment

Allow us to supply you with wireless equipment for service industry businesses. We offer cell phone wireless terminals along with My Mobile Merchant™ cell phone compatible systems. Payments can be processed on a BlackBerry™ using a Bluetooth printer or on handheld units that work on GPRS and CDMA.